Obstetric Fees


This page contains some general information regarding fees. For our current fee policy, our payment policy and to obtain an estimate of your medical costs, please call the Cove Medical Group. At your 1st antenatal visit, you will be given a detailed written quotation of all fees payable to your Obstetrician.




All visits to our rooms are classed as outpatient services and are claimed through Medicare for a partial refund. You will receive no refund for these visits from your private health insurance. The refund you receive from Medicare will be greater once you or your family have reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold. We encourage you to register for this Safety Net via the Medicare website. Safety Net accrual resets and commences in January each year. Once the threshold is reached, Medicare will pay 80% of your out-of-pocket medical costs up to the designated caps.


The pregnancy management fee is a non-refundable fee charged at around 20 weeks. This entitles you to 24/7 cover by your Obstetrician (or his partner when he is away). One of us is on-call day and night for you if there is an emergency. This fee is charged separately to all other fees and Medicare will provide you with a partial refund. The Safety Net refund for this fee is currently capped at $XX. Our reception staff will be able to explain this in more detail.


Private Health Insurance


Your fee for delivery will be fully or partially covered by your private health insurance provider. There are many different providers and each has it's own scheme. It is important that you talk to your own private health fund about your particular level of cover and please ensure you have net your waiting period for obstetric care. Most of the time, the delivery fee will be initially sent directly to your insurance provider. If there is an out-of-pocket expense, you will receive an account from your Obstetrician for this 'gap'.


No Private Insurance?


Medicare will pay a portion of your in-hospital medical costs (including delivery) at 75% of the schedule fee. The significant remainder will be at your own expense. You will also be responsible for the full payment of all hospital fees.  St John of God Hospital will be able to provide you with a detailed fee package.


Other expenses


During the course of your pregnancy and delivery, the following services may incur additional charges:


  • blood tests

  • ultrasounds

  • antenatal classes

  • physiotherapy

  • hospital excess

  • Paediatrician

  • Anaesthetist


For these services, accounts will be issued separately by the providers involved. Our reception staff may be able to give you an estimate of these fees or provide you with the providers contact details in advance so you can request a quote.