The Cove Medical Group was established around 20 years ago. Until mid 2015, we were located at Attadale Hospital but are now in the SJOG Medical Clinic at Murdoch. Drs Clarke and Gunnell have been working together now for almost 20 years. We have a long standing and very close relationship thereby providing our patients with an excellent standard of care.

From July 1st 2019, Dr Simon Clarke will be stopping obstetrics. From that date, I will be entering into a one in three weekend roster with Dr Chris Nichols and Dr Anna Holmes. The roster will be available well in advance.  These two highly skilled and respected obstetricians will provide care for my patients during my weekends off and when I am otherwise unavailable. I have great faith that you will be in excellent hands.

Dr Chris Gunnell


I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I did my schooling in Western Australia and went on to study Medicine at UWA. From very early in my training as a medical student I knew that I was destined for this amazing specialty and have never looked back. It has been my passion now for the last 30 years!


My O&G training was undertaken at King Edward Memorial Hospital (apart from 2 years in Sydney at Royal North Shore Hospital). I joined Dr Simon Clarke at The Cove Medical Group in 1998 and we have worked together happily since then.


I met my wife Jenny at King Edward Hospital. She was a midwife and I was a junior doctor. We married in 1993 and now have 3 adult children. Jenny understands that I sometimes have to cancel our dinner arrangements at the last minute or rush out the door at 3am to deliver a baby. We both know how privileged I am to be involved in bringing another life into the world.


As an experienced Obstetrician, I am qualified to care for the full spectrum of private obstetrics; ranging from uncomplicated pregnancies to the care of women who have underlying medical issues or complex pregnancies.

Recently I made the big decision to stop doing gynaecology.  Obstetrics has always been my main passion and, although it is a little sad, I am actually enjoying the freedom to focus more on my pregnant patients.


In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, cook, eat, travel, read (and learn how to build a website!!).

In 2016 (and then again in 2017) I did some voluntary work as an obstetrician in a maternity hospital in Ethiopia. These were amazing experiences and gave me some insight into the state of women's health in underdeveloped countries. In 2019 I worked in Namibia. I plan to do more of this rewarding work in the coming years. If you are interested to find out more, go here.

As of 1st July 2021, Dr Clarke will be retiring completely from obstetrics and gynaecology. If you have a gynaecological issue, please contact your GP for referral to another gynaecologist. If you have previously seen Dr Clarke and having a baby, Dr Chris Gunnell will be happy to take over your care for the pregnancy.
Dr. Simon Clarke

I decided to cease obstetrics in 2019 and I miss the awesome experience of seeing a newborn baby arriving into the world. It is an extremely special time and usually full of happy memories.

I have been a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist since 1997, having previously done training in Rural General Practice. I was born in Perth but my family moved to Melbourne where I did my secondary schooling and commenced my medical degree at the University of Melbourne.  I transferred back to UWA for my final clinical years. My O&G training was undertaken at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, 2 years in the South Australian training programme and 2 years at the Leicester Royal Infirmary in the UK.


My wife Josephine has been my constant support. She has allowed my training to take us across the country and to the other side of the world. An English teacher by training she has nurtured our 3 children to adulthood and is able to devote more time in her passion for writing. Since ceasing obstetrics, she has not had to tolerate the last minute changes in our social plans and an empty seat at the dinner table.

I am now focusing on my role as a Gynaecologist and able to manage many common issues. With the rapidly evolving development in medical technology and techniques, there are some areas of gynaecological care that I have less up to date experience.

I perform Colposcopy, which is used to investigate Pap smear abnormalities, but I refer cases of suspected or proven gynaecological malignancy to my sub-specialist colleague.

I perform preliminary investigations for infertility but sometimes I may need to seek the help of my colleagues who work at fertility clinics.

I do not have the facilities to fully assess cases of urinary incontinence or extensive vaginal prolapse.


My holidays and leisure time usually involve pottering around the house and exploring a new recipe, catching up with a film that I have been wanting to see, or walking with my wife and friends. I try to keep myself slightly fitter by having a bike ride when I can.


Jennifer Vulin (Clinical Psychologist)

I graduated from Murdoch University with a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology. Since then, I have focussed my career on women’s mental health. Specifically I am committed to assisting women who are planning a pregnancy, as well as antenatal and postnatal support.


In my work, I adopt a preventative approach to improve mental health and wellbeing, and aim to empower and equip women and families with the necessary skills to successfully cope with the transition to parenthood or to navigate any other significant life change.


With a GP referral, my patients may be eligible to seek a Medicare rebate via the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative


Reception Staff


Your first contact at the Cove Medical Group will be with our amazing reception staff. Christine, Liz and Ellie are friendly and helpful, with a wealth of knowledge about all things to do with women's health and our practice.  Their cheerful faces will greet you when you visit and they are always happy to take your phone calls if there are any questions or problems.

You will get to know our staff well during the course of your pregnancy and they love it when you bring your baby back to show him/her off to them!



Jenny has been our Practice Manager and Nurse at the Cove Medical Group for many years.  She has a wide range of experience in women's health and midwifery. She assists Drs Clarke and Gunnell  with gynaecological procedures and ensures the smooth running of our practice.