As you are aware, WA Health has recently relaxed some restrictions regarding Covid 19. We are all still at risk of becoming infected, and some measures for protection need to remain in place. There is also still a vital need to protect our health care workers and maintain staffing levels in the hospital system. Things will continue to rapidly evolve in the upcoming weeks. Below are the newest guidelines but please check back here regularly.


PLEASE GET VACCINATED and HAVE A BOOSTER as soon as you are eligible. The Booster is now recommended for pregnant women 3 months after the 2nd dose.


The Cove Medical Group will continue to follow the guidelines set by the WA Health Department and St John of God Hospital, Murdoch. Please carefully read our current guidelines:

  • You will be able to attend your antenatal or gynaecological appointments but we ask that you keep these visits as brief as possible to minimize contact time.

  • We will try to streamline appointments and minimize the number of patients in the waiting room. If you are running late, please call as you may need to be rescheduled.

  • You can currently attend the appointment with your partner ONLY. Please make other arrangements for your children.

  • There may be a place for phone or video consultations under certain circumstances. Please ring and speak to the staff if this is preferred.

  • MASKS REMAIN MANDATORY in the Medical Centre and throughout the hospital. Please use a surgical mask rather than a cloth mask and PLEASE wear them properly.

  • DO NOT attend your appointment if you have tested positive to Covid, been in contact with anyone with suspected Covid, have been to any exposure sites, are waiting for the result of a Covid test or have ANY symptoms to suggest possible Covid.

  • Hospital visitors are restricted. Birth partners are allowed to attend but will  need an official exemption. The Hospital will have provided you with details. Please contact St John of God Murdoch Hospital for the latest information or email this address: MUCOVID.Visitorrestrictions@sjog.org.au. Partners are allowed to be present at the birth and board afterwards. *Updated* If they leave the hospital at any time, they are able to return but must do another RAT before re-entering.

  • Partners ARE allowed to support women giving birth (vaginally or by caesarean) but they MUST be Covid -ve. Currently partners can be unvaccinated but will be required to follow strict protocols while in the hospital. They will not be allowed to board in the hospital after the birth. The hospital has provided clear guidance here.

  • Two other visitors are now allowed but there are still some restrictions. Please contact the hospital for the current rules.

  • Elective surgery may still be affected due to staff shortages. Caesareans are NOT elective procedures and will not be cancelled.

  • PLEASE ring if you have any questions or concerns

  • Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) Covid screening for all patients attending the hospital has been initiated by St John of God Hospital. This includes pregnant women and their partners. From now, everyone (including partners) will be required to have a RAT prior to entry. The full details and instructions are here. Pregnant women will be given 5 RATs by the hospital to use weekly after 36 weeks. Details here. Pathways of care for Covid positive pregnant women are in place. Please check with Dr Gunnell or the hospital, or go to the hospital website (here)

  • I am currently allowing medical students and/or midwifery students to be present during some consultations. Given the likely worsening healthcare workforce shortage, I believe it is vital to continue to provide ongoing high quality education to students who may have to step up and help out sooner than expected. These students will be fully vaccinated and will be observing only. If you prefer the student to sit out of your consultation, please inform my receptionist when you arrive for your appointment.