As of 12th July 2021, Perth and Peel areas have come out of lockdown and few restrictions remain.  The Cove Medical Group will continue to follow the guidelines set by the WA Health Department and St John of God Hospital, Murdoch:

  • You will be able to attend your antenatal or gynaecological appointment.

  • You can attend the appointment with your partner but we do prefer that you try to keep other family members to a minimum.

  • You are not required to (but feel free to) wear a mask in the Medical Centre when you attend your appointment, and within the hospital.

  • You are encouraged to check in using the SafeWA app (or manually) at the entrance to the Medical Centre or the Hospital

  • DO NOT attend your appointment if you have been in contact with anyone with suspected Covid,  are waiting for the result of a Covid test or have ANY symptoms to suggest possible Covid.

  • There may still be restrictions to hospital visitors. Please contact St John of God Murdoch Hospital for the latest information.

  • Partners ARE always allowed to support women giving birth (vaginally or by caesarean).

  • All surgery has returned to normal

  • PLEASE ring if you have any questions or concerns